Hi all everyone would like FREE IPTV, FREE M3U Or FREE CHANNEL LIST
The Fact is that NO! IPTV UK suppliers can offer good quality FREE IPTV as there server, Server panel and iptv channel sources cost alot of money.
A average 250 channel setup would cost around £1100 Per Month.

Server Cost Break Down
£90 For main server
£50 For backup server(load balancer)
£80 Server Panel
£750 for channel source at £3 per channel
£60-£100 for Pay Per View Events

We at IPTV Streams do not offer free trials due to this calculation.
If we offered trials then we would be like everyone else and would have to do things like.

1) A very small poor quality server would be made just for trials which would lead to unwatchable poor quality IPTV.
2) Run a very over crowded IPTV server due to have 1000’s of trial lines activated.
3) Lie to everyone over the FULL HD Quality. Say its 1080p but recoded to 480p(Very Poor).

We at IPTV Streams offer good quality HD 1080p streams aswell as SD quality streams as a backup.
We Run a very tight ship with our technical support offering free remote desktop setup.

There is no such thing as FREE IPTV UK CHANNELS.
All Premium TV must be paid for in some way or another just like when eveyone used a dreambox with a Cline(CCcam) or Nline(Newcamd).

We at IPTV Streams are that confident that we will offer a full refund within 14 day of purchase as long as the purchase was not purchased on a PPV night.
All our pay per view and box office are FULL 1080p HD or even 2160p HD On the main event nights ONLY.

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