Free Plex Account


THE MOVIE DATABASE IS 2000 + movies and counting

Plex movie account is a  like Netflix Video On Demand service but better offering the latest movies and TV shows on the go where ever you are around the world.

The FREE Plex offer is only available to IPTV Subscription customers ONLY.


The account will only be valid as long as your IPTV subscription last I.E If you purchase a 1 months IPTV subscription then you will recieve 1 months FEE Plex account.

With your FREE Plex you will recieve a RADARR login account where you will be able to add movies yourself for you and other users to watch. The Plex server is ruuning on a Dedicated server very fast upload speeds (70MBPS) so a film you want to watch will be there to watch within a few minutes.

Please note that the quality of the movie depends on how long the movie has been released.

How To Instructions to Install Plex on Amazon firestick

Now that you have decided to install Plex on your Fire Stick please follow these steps below carefully.


  1. Go to and open up a Free account (DONT BUY ANYTHING)
  2. Now Send our support team your Plex username ONLY so you can be accepted as a freind to our Plex Media Server.
  3. From your main home screen, click on the search option at the top left corner of your screen.
  4. Search for Plex on your App’s and it should be the first result that appears. Click on it and then select download to get install it on  your Fire Stick.
    Fire stick Plex search

  5. Once Plex has finnished downloading and installed without any errors, select open to launch the Plex app, This is where the setup procedure begins. You will now be prompted to enter your Plex username and password you created in step 1 or in some circumstances the app will ask you for a PIN.
  6. If the Plex app ask’s for a PIN please open your internet brower and type using a different device. A PIN will appear on the screen. Enter this PIN on the Plex app on your firestick. This will connect your Plex account to your Amazon Fire Stick. Now your account is linked with your firestick you will have immediatel access to the movie and TV show on the large database from our Plex media server.

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