How To Bypass Premiership League Block IPTV

How To Bypass Premiership League Block IPTV.

The easiest way to bypass the premiership league block also known as prem Block is to find a IPTV service provider who’s server has not been detected by the premiership league anti-piracy agency.

Most IPTV suppliers will encounter the premier league block at one time or another but a  good IPTV suppliers will have a good counter measure in place and will get you back on A.S.A.P.

If for some reason you cannot find a quality IPTV Stream supplier who have the ability to counter act the prem block.

Then the next easiest step is to install a VPN(Virtual Private Network) this masks your IP address hidden from 99% of ISP(Internet Server Provider)I.E BT,Virgin,Sky + many more.

More about how to install a VPN and the best VPN can be found here.

There are many VPN suppliers out there and you will need to purchase a subscription off best one you think will suite your needs.

Not all VPN will bypass the premier league block so please do not purchase a full year VPN subscription until you have tested it.

The premier league anti-piracy agency attack outgoing traffic from your home to a specified IP addresses home of server who the IPTV Supplier uses) so say BT have this address blocked and nobody on BT internet will be able to access the IP address of the IPTV Server you want to connect to watch premium IPTV channels.

The premier league anti-piracy agency sometimes attacks outgoing traffic from your home IP address  to a specified subnet (for example a IP address is like a full house address including postcode and a subnet is like a full street).

Server Company’s I.E OVH who rent servers to IPTV suppliers are on a subnet network and there IP address run like – so the premiership anti-piracy agency can shut down a full server company by stopping a subnet if they have enough proof they are running a lot of illegal servers including IPTV Servers off their network 1000’s of complaints will be needed to support the evidence for this but it does happen.

Once a server has been identified as a IPTV server the premier league anti-piracy agency will block all channels from the server from 3.00PM until 6.00PM just whilst the premiership football matches are being played live.

The final way is the most difficult and most effective way for long term is by changing their ISP also known as their Internet Service Provider to one who does not abide by the premiership league anti-piracy policy.

A list of non-abiding ISP’s can be found here.

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