How To Install IPTV On Xbox

How to activate IPTV on Xbox using MyIPTV

Apart from Kodi, another IPTV player that works perfectly on Xbox is MyIPTV. To set MyIPTV up on your Xbox, you have to follow the simple steps below which could serve as an alternative to Kodi, all for you to have the best streaming experience on your Xbox:

  • Switch on your Xbox and get it perfectly connected to the internet
  • The next step is to download the MyIPTV Player and install it on your Xbox
  • Next step is to go to the “Settings” section of the page
  • In the “Settings” page, there is a section right above which is named “Manage playlist and EPG,” below it, there are two sections which are “Add new playlist and EPG source” and “Edit playlist and EPG secure.” Then you go for the relevant one which is “Add new playlist and EPG.”
  • Next is to type in the service URL where specified as “Remote Channel List.” Now you have to use the Channel List URL you got while signing up
  • The next step is to click on the “Add Remote List” option below the slot provided for inputting the URL (do not forget you are to use the Channel List you got while signing up as a reminder to what had been stated in the previous step above).
  • Now go to the “Program Guide (EPG)” to add the EPG URL you got while signing up here too. Please note that this URL is the third URL you will be required to provide, and it is different from the first two I believe you should have already submitted by now (the Channel List URL).
  • After inputting the EPG URL, you can then click on “Add EPG Source.” Upon the completion of these steps, you can then click on “BACK” to return to the previous “Settings” page
  • Please carefully go over your inputs again and confirm that you have selected Epicstream under Channel List and Select EPG Source. If all then is ok, you can now click on “Refresh” on both the Channel List and Select EPG Source.
  • After clicking on Refresh EPG, you will then see a download page.
  • Once the download is complete, you need to come down in the settings page where you have the Channel and EPG settings, turn on the following: “Refresh remote channel list” and “Download EPG when no data available on current date.”
  • The last step is to return to the “Channels” page and click on the category to start enjoying your channels. Please be informed that MyIPTV gives its list in an arranged alphabetical order, so you have to pay attention to this for you not to have any difficulty while searching for your favorite channels.

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