Install IPTV Stalker Subscription MAG 250,254 and 256

How To Install IPTV Subscription On MAG Portal

Settting up a Mag 250,254 and MAG 256 IPTV Set top box to Watch IPTV Streams


The Fact is a lot of consumers have trouble to set up Clone Mag 250,254 and Mag 256 IPTV Set top box ,these boxes are cheaply made  and are purchased from Chinese Websites but more the matter is because the Mag 250,254 and MAG256 is sold with a basic empty image(Software)and no IPTV Subscription has beed installed so you cannot view any Premium  TV Channels .The MAG 256 Is more commonality used in the UK for IPTV Subscriptions. The IPTV Stalker Subscription is another popular installation software on the MAG 256 UK IPTV Subscription’s.

First of all , Connect Mag 250,254 or MAG 256 to TV using your preferred connection I.E HDMI cable and the  Internet using a cat5 network cable for stable IPTV viewing. A little tip if your having difficulty if viewing the guide or the guide pictures please install chrome magnifying glass hover zoom its in the chrome extensions  and then on the left at the bottom go to chrome store and type in the search magnifying glass hover. Now magnifying glass is installed there will be a little magnifying glass next to googles search bar, click on it to enable. Now follow the guides below.

Now lets setup your nice new MAG Device so you can view Premium TV channels

Select  Menu(little house button) and then Select Settings the select System Settings


Now its time to setup your MAG 250/254/256 IPTV Subscription


MAG Subscription HERE


Now select Servers then select Portals e setup Set  Portal 1 URL to the IPTV Subscription you have purchased  to look something like this ( Please Double check you have entered the details correctly words for word as a small error will prevent you from connecting to the UK IPTV Subscription supplier ) Now Reboot Portal  wait for it to reload After uploading has finished you can now reboot  your MAG device

After the MAG Device has reloaded select the URL of the server you want to use. Now you will be presented with a viewing page just select live TV and all should be sorted.

Good IPTV Subscription providers also have Video On Demand I.E VOD.

I hope this guide helps people to setup and understand there new MAG Device and if you encounter any problems check out our IPTV tutorials for more help setting up your mag 256 IPTV subscription.

MAG Subscription HERE

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