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As a result of the digital direction the world is heading to now, people have found solace and had a good time to forget their sorrows and day to day challenges by passing time in front of their television sets and enjoy the various shows and programs showed by different channels. In time past, people have limited or no choice in deciding on which program to watch, on what channel and at what time to view the desired program, but at the Advent of IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), viewers have a freedom to decide on what to see on their TV at their desired time and make life different from “having a stranger tell them what to see and when to see it.”

IPTV set-top boxes are a multipurpose solution that can also help you easily set up your business of delivering wonderful TV services. A set-top box (STB) is a device that works on information that basically contains a an input capable of turning the TV or other relevant devices and send a visual information in form of a display to a TV set got through an external source of signal, thereby rendering the derived signal into a display that can be viewed on either a TV set or on any other capable electronic device. They work based on the amount of subscription or subscriptions made by the user or viewer.

Some of the popular and widely used set-top boxes on IPTV are the MAG250/254/256; they’re powerful set-top boxes with an efficient processor capable of using resource-intensive, responsive and interactive applications, and also support 3D-videos.

Will it not then be a difficult time indeed when you try to enjoy one of your best shows and your set-top box is incorrectly set up or needs its first installation in the case of a new user, and all option commands look like a riddle to you? However, despite the popularity of the Mag 256 IPTV and Clone Mag 250,254 Set-top boxes, quite a number of users (relax if you are in this category) still see the set-up as a complicated thing to do. Some of the causes of this complication in the understanding of its installment could be traced back to Mag 256 IPTV and Clone Mag 250,254 Set-up boxes not being so sophisticated and most times being bought directly through websites from China. Apart from these, another cause of the difficulty could be linked to the basic empty image or software that comes with it when newly bought, as there will be an inability to view any premium channels as a result of the lack of an IPTV subscription already in the set-top box.

In the United Kingdom, the MAG 256 is used most of the time for IPTV subscriptions alone. Another widely known installation software on the MAG 256 UK IPTV subscriptions is the IPTV Stalker Subscription.

Now that you already have the knowledge of what a set-top box and IPTV subscriptions are, and you presumably have these for yourself but do not know how to set them up and make things come alive for you, please sit back, patiently go through the below and enjoy the show!

To start with, get your MAG 250,254 or MAG 256 connected to a TV or any output device with any connection of your choice, that is, the internet and HDMI cable, by ensuring there would be a perfect IPTV viewing once a cat5 network cable is being used.

Please pay attention to this hint before you go on with this tutorial, peradventure you are not finding the guide or guide pictures easy to view, maybe due to any technical issue. Please go ahead and search for ‘chrome magnifying glass hover zoom’ add-in in the chrome extensions store, once you have seen it, add it as an extension to your chrome browser. Once this is successfully done, a glass icon will be displayed automatically right beside where your Google search bar is, click on the grass to activate it and follow the following instructions: (to install your new MAG gadget for you to start having unforgettable viewing experience while watching Premium TV stations)

Click on the menu option (it has a house icon), once it opens up, click on “settings” now under the “settings” menu, specifically select the “system settings” option.


(Setting up your MAG 250/254/256 IPTV subscription)


Head over to where the “servers” option is and give it a click. Under “servers,” select the “portals e-setup” option, set the URL of the first portal, that is, Portal 1 -the IPTV subscription you bought to make it similar to http://iptvstreams.net:2577/c/ (by the way, in the process of the set-up, do ensure you make no mistake in entering the necessary details as it may alter your connection to the UK IPTV subscription provider). Upon completion, restart the portal and give it some time to reboot. After successfully uploading the data and confirming the upload, you can then reboot your device also.

After the device has been reloaded, click on the URL of the server you would like to use. A viewing page will be displayed from which you should select “Live TV.” After these, all should have been put to place.

Please note that all standard IPTV subscription suppliers do have the Video on Demand service (VOD).


Hopefully, these instructions are helpful for setting up and understanding the new MAG Device. Meanwhile, if you come across any problem, do refer to our IPTV tutorials to have the adequate help in setting up your MAG IPTV subscription.

Now that you have a perfect subscription and an activated set-top box, nothing should stop you from sharing the good news of how your viewing experience was achieved to your friends and family. Once again, don’t forget to refer to us whenever you have any need to use the manual setup function either on your set-top box or on you IPTV subscription or subscriptions as the case may be. Thanks for following the instructions in the guide until the end.

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